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Is PariMatch compatible with Android Devices? No

Unfortunately, If you have a Android device like a Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One, you will not able be able to bet on PariMatch. You must play from a regular computer. View best mobile casinos

What is the best mobile casino to use?

In our opinion, the best sport betting application are the ones with fluid user interface. You can check our ranking by clicking here.

Not a good news for PariMatch betters...

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Reviewed by Tomas Jacob

Entering Parimatch website through mobile is interactive like entering the website through a desktop pc. Their yellow interface makes it more attractive to roam around and check other services offered.

Registering as a new user on their website is quick and easy. Depositing and withdrawing is also made easy thanks to various options given to pay or receive the money. Minimum deposit is of 10euros.

A variety of sports options is offered, although it is still limited to the famous well known sports like, football, handball, hockey, tennis, etc. with the variety of sports options come a variety of bet types that vary from one sport to another.

Scrolling around the website and using certain features available by Parimatch was never boring. It easy to use, step by step features give first time betters an easy yet fun experience. Although Parimatch is not a major website its betting methods and features can compete with major websites and win through simplicity.

Parimatch offer live betting on all sports listed and also offer a native application that is available on all platforms including windows mobile and symbian. Live betting is made easier through their native application because it offers live betting in an application and also allows users to deposit through the same native application.