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Betfair Mobile

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Is Betfair available to bet on iPhone / iPad? Yes

Betfair Web App is compatible with Apple devices (iOS) using Safari which means that you bet wherever you are. Play Now!

Is Betfair compatible with Android Devices? Yes

Betfair Web App is a sport betting app compatible with Android devices like Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One (web application). Play Now!

Is the web app compatible with other devices? Yes

As a web application, you can bet with Betfair on any other smartphones whether it is a blackberry or a windows phone. Play Now!

Characteristics of the betting app

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Australian, Canadian, Indian, Irish, New Zealander, South African, English,

Our review of Betfair Web App

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For those of us familiar with online betting, Betfair mobile may be considered to be one of the top internet sites for sports and event betting and it's only natural for expectations to be high when trying out their mobile website.

Their website may be used to its full potential on virtually any mobile device or tablet given that it is internet ready and supports java applications. For Iphone and Android specially made apps may be downloaded, they offer superb graphics and fluid usability with the option of customising the betting tab orders to prioritise the sports you want to follow.

On the Touch screen-capable website, tabs include: 'In- Play', 'Coming up' showing upcoming events and 'Racing, however all sports are available through the options drop down menu. As expected, there is the ability of live betting and a long list of events to wager upon. This part of the App definitely has the thrill factor as you could see the odds changing in real time as the game/race progresses. With betfair mobile, you are able to create an account (usable on the computer website too), deposit & withdraw funds and also set daily or weekly limits for yourself. Due to Betfair's unique playing platform, you are the bookie writing the odds, you could "back" or "lay" decisions in the betting pool and they claim that payouts are larger than any other online bookmaker. When considering that their cut is only in the 2% - 5% range and depends on people winning not losing, it makes you wonder why anyone would play anywhere else. And there is the catch, Betfair mobile is anything but traditional, so people who are either new to betting or are used to the traditional fixed odds system may find it hard to grasp their 'Back' & 'Lay' system. Although, this may be a trait that will attract people who have a knack of finding deficiencies in certain events and wish to bet "against" something.

In my opinion, from an aesthetics stand point, there is much to be desired especially after taking a look at their downloadable App. However, it still is one of the soundest mobile betting experiences out there, betfair mobile isn't too flashy and totally usable with the option of choosing preferences, refresh times and the degree of complication in your bets. It also gives you the option of learning the rules of the game before you throw yourself into the deep end.