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Is 32Red Bet compatible with Android Devices? No

Unfortunately, If you have a Android device like a Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One, you will not able be able to bet on 32Red Bet. You must play from a regular computer. View best mobile casinos

What is the best mobile casino to use?

In our opinion, the best sport betting application are the ones with fluid user interface. You can check our ranking by clicking here.

Not a good news for 32Red Bet betters...

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Reviewed by Tomas Jacob

32redbet is a betting website which is only available on desktop computers. Once you enter the website, you will find a complete mix up of words that are divided into sections which at first seems to cause an eyesore but after you realize that these are bets one will say how easy this website is to use.

Registering for an account is simple and done in 1 easy step. Passwords cannot contain and punctuation marks. After registration is complete, you will be taken back to the main menu where an option to deposit money will be found on the side.

Betting on 32redbet website isn’t that hard once you learn how the website is setup. All daily bets are placed in the home screen menu with their playing time, etc, all you need to do is click on them and a side list will appear with all the available bets of that particular game.

Unluckily enough 32redbet doesn’t offer neither a mobile website, nor a native application which can ease access to frequent users who would like to continue betting on the go without having to stay a home. Also a drawback to 32redbet is the fact that there isn’t an option to live bet in a game.