Best Mobile Betting Applications

What a pleasure it is to be able to bet directly from your mobile phone! Personally, I no longer use any other method to bet, except when I want to place complex accumulator bets. I created this comparison website because I was amazed at the differences between the mobile applications that the various sports betting sites provide. Even though there are only slight differences in the user experience on personal computers, for smartphones, the differences are like night and day.

Clearly, not all mobile betting operators have made the major investments needed to develop clear, simple and effective applications.

Comparison of sports betting applications

To complete the comparison, I tested (with the help of my friends) the majority of sports betting applications on the market. We used an iPhone 5, a Samsung Galaxy and a Sony Xperia. For each application, we took various criteria into account, including:

  • Ease of sign-up on mobile. Is the sign-up process quick? Do users need to supply any proof of ID via mobile?
  • Ability to place deposits via mobile: it is important to be able to top up your account via mobile, particularly if you’re playing in a stadium or on a train, when you have no access to your personal computer. We also considered the size of the minimum deposit required.
  • Application smoothness: is the application slow? Does the betting provider process the bet quickly?
  • Live betting: does the application allow users to place bets live?
  • Is there a bonus for signing up via mobile?

Taking into account each of the elements above, we then awarded a rating for each mobile application. We also note who can use each application legally.

Native applications

For regulated markets, sports betting sites offer applications that are referred to as “native.” These are applications that you must download from your operating system’s application store. The lucky owners of an iPhone or an iPad can download sports betting apps from iTunes or the AppStore. Gamblers using an Android cellphone (like a Samsung) can also do so, using “Google Play.”

We hope that you find what you are looking for with this guide, and wish you good luck in all your bets!

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